Friday, July 15, 2011

Meet Herbie

One of the things that come with being a newlywed is a slight (sometime major) downsize in living quarters... don't get me wrong it is 'beyond words wonderful' sharing our very own space with one another... & it also leaves room for some innovation in 'landscaping'. So maybe you can't call it gardening per say, but it is green, it does grow, requires water & sunlight (thats another topic). 

So here is my own little variation on an herb garden... now lovingly referred to as "herbie".
B: "How's herbie doing today? "
M: "Wow... we really need a pet."

{Vintage pop bottle carrier found in my parent's basement when they moved in}

{Sealed with painter's plastic and duct tape}
P.S. As a newlywed all you ever really need is duct tape & a hammer.

{Herbs bought cheap at the Mpls Farmers Market & terra-cotta pots spray painted gold}

{Lavender, Peppermint, Rosemary, Garlic Chives & Thyme}

{Introducing Herbie... small & contained... a perfect apartment companion}

{And his friend Rodeo}
Come on, don't laugh, you all knew it was only a matter of time
 before Rodeo made his debut on our blog. 

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