Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Quick post... I had to share. 

As a young women, now married and out on her own, budgeting clothing has been tricky (and not always fun). So in order to continue saving and to alleviate any "you bought MORE clothes" discussions, I have begun looking for clothes in the overwhelming "clearance" section.

As I ventured to the back corner of Target, I quickly dove into the impending racks off half hung up clothing. This is what I found...

A cute wrap style black cotton dress...nothing overly exciting...but the tag is what got me...$8.59!!

After taking off the black fabric 'belt', replacing it with a small nude colored belt, and pining the v-neck (more work appropriate) this dress is an easy summer staple. 

Look for it in your closest Target, since it doesn't seem to have gone on sale online yet. 

P.S. The best part about finding these deals...holding out the tag and stopping Brett mid-sentence. "Is that a new..." - "Why yes it is!"

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