Saturday, July 16, 2011


Kids... always wear your helmet!!

So happy to have the hubby home safe and sound. Don't take anything for granted. 

Friday, July 15, 2011

Meet Herbie

One of the things that come with being a newlywed is a slight (sometime major) downsize in living quarters... don't get me wrong it is 'beyond words wonderful' sharing our very own space with one another... & it also leaves room for some innovation in 'landscaping'. So maybe you can't call it gardening per say, but it is green, it does grow, requires water & sunlight (thats another topic). 

So here is my own little variation on an herb garden... now lovingly referred to as "herbie".
B: "How's herbie doing today? "
M: "Wow... we really need a pet."

{Vintage pop bottle carrier found in my parent's basement when they moved in}

{Sealed with painter's plastic and duct tape}
P.S. As a newlywed all you ever really need is duct tape & a hammer.

{Herbs bought cheap at the Mpls Farmers Market & terra-cotta pots spray painted gold}

{Lavender, Peppermint, Rosemary, Garlic Chives & Thyme}

{Introducing Herbie... small & contained... a perfect apartment companion}

{And his friend Rodeo}
Come on, don't laugh, you all knew it was only a matter of time
 before Rodeo made his debut on our blog. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Quick post... I had to share. 

As a young women, now married and out on her own, budgeting clothing has been tricky (and not always fun). So in order to continue saving and to alleviate any "you bought MORE clothes" discussions, I have begun looking for clothes in the overwhelming "clearance" section.

As I ventured to the back corner of Target, I quickly dove into the impending racks off half hung up clothing. This is what I found...

A cute wrap style black cotton dress...nothing overly exciting...but the tag is what got me...$8.59!!

After taking off the black fabric 'belt', replacing it with a small nude colored belt, and pining the v-neck (more work appropriate) this dress is an easy summer staple. 

Look for it in your closest Target, since it doesn't seem to have gone on sale online yet. 

P.S. The best part about finding these deals...holding out the tag and stopping Brett mid-sentence. "Is that a new..." - "Why yes it is!"

Monday, July 11, 2011


My new guilty (only because I have gone 4 times in the last month or so) pleasure is Saturday or Sunday mornings spent at the Minneapolis Farmers Market. There is nothing better than gradually strolling the endless rows with all senses at their peak. The smell of the freshly bundled mint, the bright toned tin-animal facade in the landscape area, the tunes of strumming street performers, the incredible tasty morsels of locally produced treats and even the seemingly indescribable feeling of energy shared amongst the diverse meandering crowds. The laid back community atmosphere is contagious.

{Quirky tin roosters that provide endless entertainment for me & the little ones nearby}

 {Fresh snap peas that were later steamed and tossed with soy sauce & garlic}

{Beautifully bright flowers to lighten up even the most shaded of apartments}

For more information on the Minneapolis Farmers Market visit: