Friday, September 2, 2011


When I decided to write a blog I was hoping to share the quirks of our everyday newlywed life. One of my favorite things about reading what other bloggers have to say, is the complex normality of life. It's like a sneak peek into the lives of others. A cure all for the thought that we all have had (don't lie, you are creepy like me) while driving... "where are is that person headed? who are they? what is their life like? are they happy or are they sad? oops I wasn't focused and cut them off... are they angry?"

But I have found that...

A busy life = lots to say = empty blog. 

So my goal (big step for me... B is usually the one with the typed out 'to do' list of life's hurdles) is to catch up on this blog. Here is a very minimalist sneak peek into my life the past month. 

Jackson Hole - Vacation

Mother's Stroke

Home Search

Career Direction/ Crash Course

Wedding Websites


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