Friday, June 10, 2011

Into Real Estate I Go...

After a week filled with google searches, advice seeking emails, moving blankets, furnace filters & radon testing...I have finished my first closing today as an assistant! Thank goodness for such patient people. 

This was a model home that our company had owned and rented for the past couple years and it finally...and I really mean FINALLY...sold. It was so much fun meeting the family and walking through the house with them as there youngest son excitedly ran around choosing his new room. This is the reason I wan't to continue this journey into real estate...I absolutely love working with people. 

We are in the final stages of bidding out a new home for another lot in the same Orono neighborhood (bidding out = seeing what a house, currently on a piece of paper, might cost in reality). This will be another first for me and I am so incredibly excited to dive into some of the design elements...remember I work with ALL boys. 

Now....those 60 lingering hours of real estate licensing class to complete. ugh. 

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